• Born To Skate
    Born To Skate
    Skating Hard In Many Countries.
  • Startup Engineering-ring-ring
    Startup Engineering-ring-ring
    Coding Startups is both Challenging and Exciting!
  • Charity Projects
    Charity Projects
    Providing Help For Children And Refugees.
  • Born To Snowboard
    Born To Snowboard
    It doesn't Really Matter if There's No Snow Outside.
  • Lobby Projects
    Lobby Projects
    Lobby Projects Aren't Fun but Pain. Pulling Strings For Changes is My Debt.
  • Study Hard
    Study Hard
    Study Hard All The Time: Startups, Coding, Lobby, Management, ...
  • Brothers In Arms
    Brothers In Arms
    Fight For Ukrainian Independence with a Gun or Pen.
  • Human Rights Are My Pride
    Human Rights Are My Pride
    Ukraine is fighting for independence, but it is important to fight for human rights as well.

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