Week1 topics:


Programming assignment: The file contains all of the 100,000 integers between 1 and 100,000 (inclusive) in some order, with no integer repeated. Your task is to compute the number of inversions in the file given, where the ith row of the file indicates the ith entry of an array.

Week covered:


Programming assignment: The file contains all of the integers between 1 and 10,000 (inclusive, with no repeats) in unsorted order. Your task is to compute the total number of comparisons used to sort the given input file by QuickSort.

  • Homework: Homework 4.1: queries that utilize index
  • Homework: Homework 4.2: explain index
  • Homework: Homework 4.3: add indexes to the blog
  • Homework: Homework 4.4: analyze a profile log
  • Homework: Homework 3.1: remove the lowest homework score for each student
  • Homework: Homework 3.2: Making blog accept posts
  • Homework: Homework 3.3: Making blog accept comments
  • find, find cursors, find lt & gt, find projection, find And Modify, findOne
  • import JSON, insert Array, insert Doc
  • Regex selector
  • remove
  • save
  • skip Limit Sort
  • update, update Single, update Multi
  • upsert
  • Async vs sync
  • Hello Express
  • Hello world http
  • Hello world MongoDB
  • Hello world Swig
  • Express: handling POST requests

Coding from Question 1 - 10 covering the whole course.

  • create replica set
  • connect ot replica set
  • failover
  • read concern
  • write concern
  • Homework: Homework 6.4: sharding
  • Homework: Homework 5.1: Finding the most frequent author of comments
  • Homework: Homework 5.2: Crunching the Zipcode dataset
  • Homework: Homework 5.3: analyze dataset of student grades
  • Homework: Homework 5.4: Removing Rural Residents

Start a series of posts how to code apps. First ever app with AngularJS and Yii was very simple. We'll talk about a few topics. Demos find here Simple Single Page app with a table of users - u can browse, edit, delete, see details - without reloading the page ;) Folder with all oof the front (AngularJS files) looked like this (In images folder glyphicons.png files located):

Pix with folders