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  • Filters: Basic filters, Child filters, Content filters, Form filters, Attribute filters, Visibility
  • Manipulating elements and content
  • Events and effects
  • The basics of a jQuery plugin
  • Top WordPress template tags
  • Homework: Homework 4.1: queries that utilize index
  • Homework: Homework 4.2: explain index
  • Homework: Homework 4.3: add indexes to the blog
  • Homework: Homework 4.4: analyze a profile log
  • Homework: Homework 3.1: remove the lowest homework score for each student
  • Homework: Homework 3.2: Making blog accept posts
  • Homework: Homework 3.3: Making blog accept comments
  • find, find cursors, find lt & gt, find projection, find And Modify, findOne
  • import JSON, insert Array, insert Doc
  • Regex selector
  • remove
  • save
  • skip Limit Sort
  • update, update Single, update Multi
  • upsert
  • Async vs sync
  • Hello Express
  • Hello world http
  • Hello world MongoDB
  • Hello world Swig
  • Express: handling POST requests

Coding from Question 1 - 10 covering the whole course.

  • create replica set
  • connect ot replica set
  • failover
  • read concern
  • write concern
  • Homework: Homework 6.4: sharding
  • Homework: Homework 5.1: Finding the most frequent author of comments
  • Homework: Homework 5.2: Crunching the Zipcode dataset
  • Homework: Homework 5.3: analyze dataset of student grades
  • Homework: Homework 5.4: Removing Rural Residents

Start a series of posts how to code apps. First ever app with AngularJS and Yii was very simple. We'll talk about a few topics. Demos find here Simple Single Page app with a table of users - u can browse, edit, delete, see details - without reloading the page ;) Folder with all oof the front (AngularJS files) looked like this (In images folder glyphicons.png files located):

Pix with folders