In this assignment, you will be designing and implementing MapReduce algorithms for a variety of common data processing tasks. Problem 4 The relationship "friend" is often symmetric, meaning that if I am your friend, you are my friend. Implement a MapReduce algorithm to check whether this property holds. Generate a list of all non-symmetric friend relationships.

Map Input

The input is a 2 element list: [personA, personB]

personA: Name of a person formatted as a string

personB: Name of one of personA’s friends formatted as a string

This implies that personB is a friend of personA, but it does not imply that personA is a friend of personB. Reduce Output

The output should be the (person, friend) and (friend, person) tuples for each asymmetric friendship.

Note however that only one of the (person, friend) or (friend, person) output tuples will exist in the input. This indicates friendship asymmetry.

You can test your solution to this problem using friends.json:

    python friends.json

You can verify your solution against asymmetric_friendships.json.

import MapReduce
import sys
Word Count Example in the Simple Python MapReduce Framework
mr = MapReduce.MapReduce()
# =============================
# Do not modify above this line
def mapper(record):
    # key: document identifier
    # value: document contents
    person = record[0]
    pair = tuple(sorted(record))
    mr.emit_intermediate(pair , 1)
def reducer(pair, list_of_values):
    # key: word
    # value: list of occurrence counts
    #mr.emit((person,len(list_of_values)) )
    if len(list_of_values) == 1:
        mr.emit((pair[0], pair[1]) )
        mr.emit((pair[1], pair[0]) )   
# Do not modify below this line
# =============================
if __name__ == '__main__':
  inputdata = open(sys.argv[1])
  mr.e xecute(inputdata, mapper, reducer)

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